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      Three aspects of the internal cleaning system of the scoring machine

      Release time:2019/4/4 16:55:48 Source:www.miaozhizhai.com/

      Abstract:Scriber internal cleaning system Road marking machine Some marking machines are equipped with an au

      Scriber internal cleaning system

      Road marking machine Some marking machines are equipped with an automatic cleaning system, which can quickly clean the pipeline system after each work is completed, thus saving a lot of cleaning time.

      1. Glass bead system: General road maintenance companies should also consider configuring glass bead distribution system as a standard configuration. This system can control the spraying of glass beads, so that the marking construction can fully meet the national requirements.

      2. Curve operation. Some scribing machines are also equipped with an extra wheel at the rear, which allows you to freely construct along the curved marking line. Companies engaged in sports fields and multi curve operations can consider purchasing a scriber with this function. Some already have this function.

      3. The shot blasting machine can be divided into manual type, vehicle mounted type and white line type according to the traveling mode. Shot blasting method is mainly used for the cleaning of cement concrete pavement markings, especially for the cleaning of normal temperature markings. The marking removal can achieve different cleaning effects by selecting different sandblasting media, and sandblasting is applied in machinery manufacturing, industrial production, road maintenance and other fields.

      Scoring width: the standard width of the international road marking machine is 15cm, but it needs to be considered that the marking machine may also be used in parking lots, residential areas and other places. At this time, the marking machine with width adjustment function should be purchased, which can reasonably use and save paint.

      1. Generally, the adjustable range is 5~15cm.

      2. Type of paint: there are two types of paint commonly used for road marking machine: solvent type and water-soluble type. If the scriber has no strict requirements and can be used in both cases, your business scope can be extended to sports grounds, lawns and other places.

      3. Hand held spray gun: The use of hand held spray gun on the road marking machine not only allows you to freely use the template to paint various symbols, but also allows you to work on walls, columns and other places outside the ground due to its convenient movement. Therefore, the hand-operated spray gun has now become the standard configuration of all kinds of scribing machines.

      4. Sand blasting cleaning is a method of cleaning the surface with abrasive (shot glass bead, steel shot, steel sand, quartz sand, carborundum, iron sand, sea sand) propelled at a high speed by the nozzle. During the operation of the shot blasting machine, different shot strengths can be obtained by controlling and selecting the particle size and shape of the shot, and adjusting and setting the walking speed of the machine to control the shot flow of the shot, Obtain different surface treatment effects.

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