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      LXD machine - Ⅱ primer

      The road auxiliary series

      Name:LXD machine - Ⅱ primer

      Primer coating is pavement marking with hot melt adhesive materials used in coatings, primer to prevent flake coating, to improve the effect of coating, and road surface adhesion, primer car is hot melt marking the construction of auxiliary equipment, the machine USES gasoline engine as power, with automatic spraying device of air compressor, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, using no noise, no pollution, spray gun rack guide rod design, adjust the spraying width is accurate, convenient, with the operation, simple maintenance, long service life, etc.

      No noise, no pollution, easy maintenance

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      Address:Shangdang town of Dantu District,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu Province,China Telephone:+86 13852907688  James@js-lxd.com www.miaozhizhai.com/
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