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      LXD - Ⅱ high-pressure road surface cleaning machine

      The road auxiliary series

      Name:LXD - Ⅱ high-pressure road surface cleaning machine

      Engine drives the wire brush rotating grinding machine used for cleaning work, mainly used in the pavement of cement slurry and mud, aggradation and cold paint marking removal work. On the frame is equipped with cleaning the power regulator, according to the construction requirements for: strong, middle or weak stepless adjustment, use this machine can enhance the adhesion of the line and ground, greatly improve the efficiency of cleaning work before construction, the equipment is a special construction requirements higher road products.

      Cleaning the adjustable, save time and effort, improve working efficiency

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      Address:Shangdang town of Dantu District,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu Province,China Telephone:+86 13852907688  James@js-lxd.com www.miaozhizhai.com/
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