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      Product parameters

      Road marking machine WTE320 lightweight

      Car series

      name:Road marking machine WTE320 lightweight

      Chassis: Mercedes Benz AXOR 2640 l 6 * 2 The wheelbase: 4500 mm Sight: the connection to, pneumati

      Original installation import, easy maintenance, easy to maintain

      Product parameter

      • Simple and convenient

      • High efficiency and energy saving

      • Best-selling

      • Modern techniques

      Chassis: Mercedes Benz AXOR 2640 l 6 * 2

      The wheelbase: 4500 mm

      Sight: the connection to, pneumatic ascend

      Compressor: Boge compressors, in July, the effective supply air is 1.3 cubic meters per minute

      Thermoplastic pre heater: 2 * 1200 l, with blender

      Thermoplastic plastic containers: 800 l, with blender

      Heat conduction oil heating: according to the demand, gasoline or diesel

      Hydraulic unit: 3 l41c hatz super silent diesel engine

      Glass bead pressure tank: 500 l upright

      Extruder: left and right sides of the thickness control

      The extrusion: according to the demand can provide more than the extrusion

      Outrigger/tag parts: right and left, mechanical folding, pneumatic ascension

      Operator: over the left and right side of the outrigger were equipped with instruments required for the operator

      Glass bead equipment: according to the requirements

      Net/gross weight: 17500 kg / 25000 kg

      Size length * width * height: 9.8 m * 2.5 m * 3.5 m


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